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From time to time, we have been recognized and profiled by local, national, and global organizations and news groups. We appreciate the time they dedicate to investigate and share our passions and the work we do. Click the icons to view the featured publication or award in full.


2017 Top Ten Company

Best of 2017 HomeGuide

2012 Green Advocate Award

Bethesda Magazine and Bethesda Green


2012 Builder of the Year

National Association of Home Builder


2012 National Sustainability Winner

The Milk Pod

Clean Tech Open


2005 Acknowledgement of Contribution

International Center for Sustainable Development 

American Council on Renewable Energy


2004 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

United States House of Representatives

1999 Certificate of Appreciation

Energy Efficient Building Association


1997 Energy Star House 

Griffin's Gate

Environmental Protection Agency


1997 Outstanding Service

Solar Energy Forum

American Solar Energy Society


1995 Environmental Professional of the Year

Association of Energy Engineers Regional Award


1989 Certification of Recognition and Appreciation

Montgomery County Maryland


Media & Publications

"Local Solar-Powered Invention Has Global Reach," Frederick News Post, 2016.

"MilkPod - Solar Powered Milk Chilling," Energy Matters, 2016.

"Novelist Katherine Neville Revives Teruo Hara's Storied Japanese Style House," Washington Post Real Estate Section and cover story, 2014.

"Interview with John Spears," Gathering Green, 2014.

"Jefferson Green House brings in solar, wind and geothermal power," Frederick News Post, 2013.

"Business RX: Sustainable Systems International," The Washington Post, 2013.

"Green Lights: The 2012 Green Award," Bethesda Magazine, 2012.

"Down to Earth," Bethesda Magazine, 2012.

"Earth Home Renovation," Green DC Daily, 2012.

"Earth Home Renovation by Sustainable Design," apartment therapy, 2012.

"A Model Duplex in Frederick, Maryland," Home Power Magazine, 2012.

"You Can Have It All in a Green House," The Green Connoisseur, 2011.

"Homes Conceived in Gaithersburg Headed to Pakistan,", 2011.

"Falls Church, VA: Building Dirt Cheap," Renovation Nation, Season 2, Episode 20, hosted by Steve Thomas on Green Nation network, 2009.

"Extreme Green," Bethesda Magazine, 2009.


Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative Promoting Sustainable Housing in Grenada, 2009.

"Keeping Buildings Dry: Damp Ventilation Air Can Damage IAQ and a Building Itself," Architect Magazine, 2009.

"Sandy Spring Friends School, Earth Home by Sustainable Design Group," Terrabuilt, 2004.

"Guiding Sustainable Development for Future Generations," National Building Museum, 2003.

" 'Whole Building' Approach to Sustainable Design,", 1998.

Radon mitigation in new construction: four case studies, National Association of Home Builders, 1998.

"Rebuilding Lives Through Sustainable Solar Community Development," American Solar Energy Society, 1998.

"Gas-Fired Desiccant System for Retail Super Center," ASHRAE Journal, October 1998.

"ASHRAE 62-1989 Compliance Using Desiccant Systems in a Retail Store," Gas Research Institute report GRI-97/0035.

"Residential Duct System Test Methods," Electric Power Research Institute, 1992.

"Designing and Building Healthy Homes: A Builders Guide," USEPA, 1989.

"A Builders Guide to Healthy Homes," The Healthy House Catalogue, 1989.

Testimony before U.S. House Interior Committee on the U.S. Geological Survey Radon in soil research program, 1989.

"Solar Electric Homes Today," Solar Energy Research Institute, 1988.

"Radon Reduction in New Home Construction," ASTM white paper, 1988.

"Radon Reduction in New Construction: An Interim Guide," for USEPA, co-authored, 1987.

"Radon Guide for Builders Is Available - Guidelines for Home Builders to Protect from Radon," The Morning Call, 1987.


"Your Healthy Home," Home, October 1987.


"Building Energy Monitoring and Analysis (BEMA)" and "Conservation, Solar, Mass, and Auxiliary: Achieving a Balanced Approach," Proceedings of the 10th National Passive Solar Conference, 1985.


"Quadpane Windows," Fine Home Building #20, March 1984.


"The custom passive solar sunspace, design alternatives," proceedings of the 8th National Passive Solar conference, September 1983.


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"Analysis Methodology of Passive Systems in the National Solar Data Network," proceedings of the 1981 Annual Meeting of the American Section of the International Solar Energy Society, May 1981; proceedings, 6th National Passive Solar Conference, September 1981.


"Results of Thermal Performance Analysis of Passive Solar Space Heating Systems in the National Solar Data Network," Proceedings 8th Energy Technology Conference, March 1981.


"Comparison of Actual vs. Predicted Performance of a Passive Solar system using TI-59 Programs," 5th Passive Solar Conference, 1980.


"Solar Energy for Builders," a workshop for National Association of Home Builders, May 1980.


"Energy Conservation in Public Buildings," Training Manual, Commonwealth of Virginia 1980.


Over 100 monthly and seasonal performance reports and special studies of Active and Passive solar systems published by the Department of Energy's National Solar Data Network, 1979-1983.


"Passive Solar Design: A Logical Future," Technology Tomorrow, Vol. 2, No. 1, February 1979.


"Solar Energy Legislation," Virginia Solar Energy Association Newsletter, 1979.


"A Passive Solar Communication Assessment," Department of Energy, June 1979.


"SUNACT: Solar Utilization and Energy Conservation for Cities and Towns," proceedings of the 4th National Passive Solar Conference, 1979.


"Performance of Passive Solar Systems in the National Solar Data Network," presented at the Southern Solar Energy Center Regional Update Conferences in Oklahoma, Georgia, and Tennessee, 1979.


"Incentives for Passive Development," proceedings of the American Section of the International Solar Energy Society, 1979 Annual Meeting.

"Solar Energy; Criteria for Tax Exemption," Virginia State Board of Housing, October 1977.